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Tourist visa is a non-immigrant visa for the purpose of visiting a particular country temporarily for tourism purpose being holiday or to visit relatives, children and friends, or for medical treatment / combination of business and pleasure. The grant of visitor visa is at the sole discretion of Consular Officer who decides on the merits of the case fulfilling the criteria.

  • Entry of travelers from other countries
  • Levy and charges of travel visa
  • Customs and immigration clearances on ports of arrival

To get a tourist visa you must furnish application for visa at the consulate or the embassy of the relevant country along with certain essential annexe. A typical list of documents includes 

  • Application form
  • Passport
  • Indicated number of passport sized photographs
  • Residential details
  • Income tax returns
  • Health certification by designated physicians
  • 2 way airlines tickets
  • Employment profile
  • Family details
  • Proof of valid overseas health etc.
  • Beside these documents you must also be able to substantiate your intentions 

    • Of travel to that particular country
    • Traveling back to your country of origin or current residence before the expiry of stay period or accomplishment of travel objective, which ever earlier

Sponsored Trip:

The applicant’s trip may be sponsored by children / relatives / friends living in the host country, Sponsorship’s are certainly helpful in cases where the applicant doesn’t have sufficient funds / finances to support themselves in the host country. The sponsor is required to provide invitation letter and furnish mandatory evidence an formalities both legal and financial to prove the capability and willingness to cover the expenses of the applicant (s) while in the host country. Sponsorship does not assure the grant of visa. 

Self Sponsored:

An applicant may self sponsor his / her trip. Requirements include sufficient funds and proof of financial capability that can justify capability to bear the expenses for the trip.

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