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Why is Grammar Important in Communication?

Communication is an integral part of our daily life, we cannot live in an isolated society without any interactions. Communication is a process used to express ideas and feelings or used by people for giving information, it involves sharing of ideas and information between one person to another. Communication is a learned skill, to express themselves well and successfully, people must learn how to communicate effectively.

Grammar lays the groundwork for effective communication.

Just as an improperly configured telephone wire can cause static during a phone conversation, improper grammar can likewise affect the meaning and clarity of an intended message. Grammar makes written content more readable and in turn more interesting.  If it is necessary to repeatedly rephrase sentences while reading, the flow becomes disrupted and involvement in the story halted.

Grammar skills are useful in every aspect of life from education to management and social life to employment opportunities.  They are equally important at home where children learn their grammatical patterns from their parents and family. Grammar skills are important to be an effective leader.  Communication skills are crucial to effectively give direction and provide assurance of leading ability. Grammatical competence was a part of communicative competence, to obtain effective communication people should pay attention to grammar.

Grammar is very important because it helps enhance accuracy. This means grammar rules can help learners develop a habit of thinking logically and clearly and will become more accurate when using language. Proper use of grammar is a sign of respect, both for speakers and listeners. For speakers, speaking clearly means they take time to polish themselves with a good impression from the listeners. A person with a poor grammar skill can form negative impression on the first-time meeting and this may last for a long time. For listeners, a proper use of grammar shows that their thought is concerned. Speakers do not want them to waste time trying to figure out what they are saying.

From influential papers to resumes, grammatical errors immediately take away the intended strength necessary to acquire an ally on an issue or an invitation for a job interview.  In both situations, grammatical inconsistencies make influential words less emotional. While correct grammar is a valuable tool for success in many areas of life, it is not used to create a gap in the social world.  It is not a tool for segregation, but a tool to opening doors by being heard and understood more clearly.  While correct grammar will offer an edge in a job interview it won’t be so obvious as to cause a separation from the masses in casual conversation.

Any material which is grammatically correct indicates awareness and carefulness on the part of the writer. If it indicates otherwise, people will question its credibility and accuracy of content. Just as rules are necessary in everyday situations, grammar rules are likewise essential in everyday life for clarity of meaning and intent.

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